Such software acts as a network sniffer. I thought I said yes. For reference, the press release is at http: I am still working on WarLinux. To demonstrate his point, Betsold took a reporter on a 4-mile drive through the Berkshires with a laptop computer and a wireless Internet receiver.

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Our group WiGLE rank is 3 out of 88!

War driving is the process of sniffing as much information as possible from wireless networks that are in a specific range of a vehicle, like a car, for example. According to research at SANS Institutemost WarDrivers out there would usually choose a laptop or a tablet that has been modified because these two devices offer portativity, have relatively moderate battery capacity and are powerful enough. It’s not connecting or hacking.

In order to WarDrive a certain machine there are several devices that are required. Today marks the th day since these chronicles began! Some forumns are up at dhfiber.

It is a hate-hate relationship against Ortiz so I am sure there will be plenty of battles off the octagon! All the while really just inducing abdominal heaving.

e2e Security: Chronicles of a Wardriver

We then followed the line up and realized that he was flying a kite. If you’re mapping wireless networks, you might consider mapping your routes and posting them to [Openstreetmap]. This crucial information can then be deciphered while wardriving the network, to decrypt the encrypted password and hopefully gain access.


People sure have a strange sense of humor by beaconing something warrdriver think no one else will see. I remember asking him to shut Navigator-E1 down at a stop and he asked if he should save it. Today we wardrove all over Los Angeles, California. Archives November October September August Categories wardriving adventures wardriving how-to wardriver alert wardriving in the media wardriving eye candy Search.

Rich Franklin by K. I stumbled for an entire hour had an Directional Antenna such as cantennas aren’t very helpful.

Chronicles of a Wardriver

My predictions are as follows: I have shook hands with the man and I could tell you that those are two hammers from hell attached to his arms.

To demonstrate his point, Betsold took a reporter on a 4-mile drive through the Berkshires with a laptop computer and a wireless Internet receiver. Share on Twitter Tweet. Share on Reddit Share. Chronicles of a Wardriver the wardriving adventure begins…. Today we wardrove Garden Grove, California again, this time we made sure the maps were being saved now and then! I’m sending an email to them right now.

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For reference, the press release is at http: If it’s just you, put the laptop with it’s screen off in the back seat – do NOT look at it while driving. We ended up wrapping it up early to get ready for T-day tomorrow.

ward river

Here is yet another article attempting to induce fear, uncertainty and doubt into the reader. Sitting out in the open for 2 or 3 minutes while starting gps and Kismet will greatly help the overall success of the whole drive. There were power lines everywhere; in fact he had to go over two sets of power lines to get the kite as wardrriver as he did.

Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. You can do this without one, but you’ll find somewhat fewer points. Wardrivdr than one card is the same as driving the area more than one time at once. If you want pretty pictures while driving use gpsdrive don’t hurt yourself.