The first 4 interfaces are identified as serial ports which use the option driver. The BIOS of models, especially the newer models, changes periodically, so even it the model is been previously tested unsuccessfully it makes sense to attempt connecting in case you are dealing with a newer BIOS that does allow connection. It has been tested with version 2. It has been tested successfully with version 2. It can display reports and logs, but lacks many advanced diagnostic commands. This site uses cookies.

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Apparently, the 15 second window to enter the credentials runs out before the access to the CLI returns.

Once the physical connection between the computer and the FortiGate is set up, use one of the following methods to start the login process. It will also provide specific examples to help you custom configure an unsupported USB modem. Please visit the help center 20b more details.

You ask the network admins to give you an admin account so that you can reset the password. There is no indicator of when your time runs out so it is fotigate that it might take more than one attempt to succeed. In its default state, there is no password for this account.

Using the USB MGMT Console port – Fortinet Cookbook

In the Category tree on the left, go to Session not the sub-node, Logging and from Connection typeselect Serial. Type admin then press Enter twice. Some FortiGate models are shipped without the standard RJ or RS serial console port that a lot of users are familiar with. The firmware has to be up and running before a CLI interface is available. LTE-modem can also connect to a 3G network. It can display reports and logs, but lacks many advanced diagnostic commands.


After a few seconds, the boot process continues and you will have to start over to get the option again. This IP address refers to the FortiGate unit. Login credentials entered are encrypted before they are sent to the FortiWeb appliance.

Configuring Modems on the FortiGate – Fortinet Cookbook

Contact Fortinet Technical Documentation at techdoc fortinet. COM1 or, if your computer has multiple serial ports, the name of 200n connected serial port.

When it is available again, approximately one 200 later, the CLI displays the message:. If your management computer is directly connected to the FortiWeb appliance with no network hosts between them, this is normal. How do I reset the firewall password without resetting the firewall. Check the LTE modem configuration again, to see if the FortiGate is now using the new modem port that you switched it to, Port 3, instead of the default Port 0. It is limited by the software, and this may be improved upon in the future.

On some devices, after the device boots, you have only forigate seconds or less to type in the username and password. You do not need to enter the subnet mask, as it is assumed to be Once logged reset your admin password using: The first 4 interfaces are identified as serial ports which use the option driver. Your question falls outside the areas our community decided are on topic. Because wireless modems are complex, and they are not born as fortjgate of the standard computer hardware.

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Using the USB MGMT Console port

How do I reset a Fortigate firewall password without resetting the firewall [closed] Ask Question. After fortigare make sure that our kernel supports our USB modem, the next thing to do is to find out whether this modem has a modem port, or what the index of the modem port is. Press the Enter key to initiate a connection. Use an Ethernet cable to connect from the Ethernet port of the computer to the Ethernet port listed in the instruction. You cannot log in until 020b accept the certificate.

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Each USB interface under a USB configuration may have multiple alternative interface descriptors, but only one is active. There are several fortlgate surrounding these three modes: