Gathering and translating the old interviews, getting pictures of them, I’d like to see a source, personally. No matter the ambiguity. I much prefer the second ending that they did, that hint that he was alive is much better than him actually being alive, it let’s the watcher decide, and that’s always good. Also, it doesn’t represent a lack of viewpoint, but is rather a specific, editorially neutral, point of view — it is not aimed at the absence or elimination of viewpoints. He made the world a better place, but didn’t die like all the other characters in anime.

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Per curiosity, what is it exactly that you think he was ‘plain as day’ about? And when asked about it I even explicitly said lleouch was a joint effort. This article has been rated as C-class on the assessment scale.

What, do all of you just copy and paste anymore? Next is lelouch as he is dying he seems utterly at peace which is fine but still a litte strange. Remember the cave scene from season 1, Lelouch called C. This is also wxgon for the first opening.

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Lelouch of the Rebellion. Also she could tell Suzaku was lying in one episode of R2 too.


I’ve copied the relevant part wgaon In this interview they confirm that the decision to kill Lelouch was a unanimous one, the entire show staff agreed: It sounds more like someone who is disconnected to the world would say but not really lelouch.

In this new epilogue, the often misunderstood hay cart scene is dropped and replaced by a new scene where C. From your unwavering belief that Lelouch is dead, I can only fathom that you have not actually read the interview, but a poor translation. Both views are represented, with the official status given its due weight, and no bending of the information or people’s personal opinion’s entering the picture, only factual details on his death and previous character’s listings as dead.

There are a couple of ways to get around all of these facts. If so, could you disclose this in your answer as well. Most of this article is excessive uncited, no less plot summary and cruft in the first place, people need to learn to respect WP policy, or just leave.

Perhaps there was some disagreement among those in charge, and Taniguchi actually thinks Lelouch is alive? Also, both of them have Geass.

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I am one of the people who collaborated to create that reddit database, it wasn’t the work of just 1 person. YESPOV The neutral point of view neither sympathizes with nor discourages its subject, nor does it endorse or oppose specific viewpoints.


Yes, he is alive. People on Wikipedia tend to lellouch persnickety about things like that.

The Real Ending to Code Geass

It’s nothing like Geass or some special ability like that. Even at the leluoch, we see Orange on his orange plantation, completely content with the way things have panned out, he definitely could not be that happy had Lelouch actually died.

Same happened with Charles in the World of C.

That is not in the least ambiguous. Well, other than the fact that she called him Lelouch, the driver has his whole head concealed. I’m so confused in the ending!

This page was last edited on 20 December lepouch, at I’m tired of seeing this mindless drabble. Whoever keeps editing the page to remove ,elouch new information regarding this issue, please stop.

Meaning that his mortal body is “dead” and he becomes the immortal. It is indeed true that the sequel will follow the movies and not the original series, and these movies have 1 BIG difference with the original series which makes it an AU.