Home Forums Exophase Community Articles. From then on you can change how you access it, and change lots more settings. Completely shut down the PSP, by holding the power button up, until the screen goes blank. But now i heard things about turning the fake umd mode off, but you cant do that whilst using the sony np can you? Sudoku Grand Theft Auto:

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PNG in game menu 3.

Custom Firmware 3.90 M33-3 Released, Improves NO-UMD Compatibility

If still not recovered go into the flashx you might have been messing with, then delete it all, and copy the backup you have made. So i was trying to fix it and change the umd mode around.

As long as you have a good UMD dump this loader will load it, and with significantly faster loading times in most cases. This may impact tracking. This new mode doesn’t use the sony iso loader, but it is inspired by it. Best iPhone Manager Recover Hmm,ok,i just read the rules,and i understand why you dun help me.: This is a recovery menu you can access on the XMB. What’s new New posts Latest activity. If you have a game that doesn’t work its probably a bad dump, if its been stated ymd working in the thread then its here in the list.


M33 and NP(no umd)Compitability List

Some of these are pointless. Get notified of all new content on QJ. This allows easy update of your custom firmware through wi-fi.

NET in your email each day? Copy it, and try again. Share Share this post on Digg Del. There are 3 options: Changes your firmware version in system info to “3. M333 upgrade, copy folder noumdm33 into ms0: You should always make a backup of flash0 incase you have problems installing CXMB themes.

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Toggle USB flash0 – Allows access to flash0 warning: Keep holding the R trigger, and hopefully you should be on a similiar screen to the at the top of this page.

It happens in Burnout legends as well. WhatsApp Messenger seems to be an indispensable If I upgrade to m would that fix the problem?

Hopefully it should work now. March to Glory 50 Cent: Sudoku Grand Theft Auto: There aren’t really any practical uses to this function, and it can m3 some UMDs and ISOs incompatible with your firmware.


Most games work any way on both modes. It has Pandora built in it, so you can build a Pandora’s battery with it because it ,33 the software. Want to learn more about the team who brings you the Dash Hacks news? Wow,finally my God of War: The program will launch and it will give you several options.