The HammerHead FX, though inexplicably tied to 3dfx in some sort of nebulous marketing deal, is an InterAct pad that hopes to end console controller envy with one fell swoop by giving you two analog controllers, a digital pad, six buttons, two triggers, and biggest of all, rumble feedback. Otherwise it’ll wipe out the settings. As for the buttons, I prefer to use the top ones as R1-L2, the first two buttons on in each row as the buttons it makes them close eqivilents of the PSX ones , and the last 1 in each row for start and select. With the world bowing to 3D, it’s about time that someone on the PC side of things put out a gamepad that provided the same analog options as our console cousins have had for years now. I don’t have any reason to suspect home would behave any differently, but you never know. I actually like the extra weight and size, especially after dealing for years with undersized, tiny, finger-mashing controllers.

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Forums New posts Trending Search forums. I did some searching and discovered that InterAct went under, so a refund is not going to happen.

The issue lies in the drivers.

Hammerhead FX Gamepad Needs Driver? – Apple Community

Helpful answers Drop Down menu. As for functonality, rumble, hat switch and everything else, it all works great. I like to think that I have fair artistic taste, and I really liked the styling and font graphics they used.


Sidewinder gaming devices work great on the game port! Searches for a Mac driver have turned up nothing. I hamkerhead using the instructions above, and it didn’t work. Items must be received within 7 tx of the RMA issue date.

Does anyone have the Interact Hammerhead FX USB?

The biggest surprise of the group was Starlancer — the analog worked beautifully without much tweaking, and while you’d still have to get used to working with the pad and a keyboard, general navigation and firing was very smooth.

All manual s and accessories s must be included in the original package.

Dual analog and vibration feedback – What else could you ask for? Plus the added feature of hat being recognized It is a driver issue. The paper uzb instructions were easy to read, included pictures, and worked. I think it was great that this gamepad doubles as a Gameport and USB – it gets old buying a controller that only works on my latest technology machines, causing my kids to look at me with puppy dog eyes begging for a computer upgrade.

Feb 15, 4: Hamerhead in the joystick. Unplug the Hammerhead and the driver that dissapears is the one that needs to be replaced. If you can’t get it to work in win or XP, then open device manager and expand “human interface devices”. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: What you have to do is a major pain in the Feb 14, 9: Do you have to unplug it every time you shut down the machine? Now, having said that – a very nice Windows oriented help screen is included with excellent pictures and you can open the Controller Profiler and their help screen, allowing you to view your help and make your corrections.

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Click update driver, select manualy locate driver, joystick, and then browse to the folder where you have the hammerhead drivers in. The spec and requirements list, for hammrehead of who enjoy information popped out in little black dots, is:. If this happens then I sugest removing all the “.

Gamepad – very good, Wheel – adequate, Flight – adequate, Shooter – adequate, Mouse – adequate. That sucks about the gameport version. With the world bowing to 3D, it’s about time that someone on the PC side of things put out a gamepad that provided the same analog options as our console cousins have had for years now.

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Yes, you are correct. My install was 9. Otherwise it’ll wipe out the settings. Nigandahu New Member Mar 11, This will f windows from finding an old driver and replacing it.