The KS demo board provides an industry standard MII media independent Interface to interface to external Processors for router and gateway applications. More details about BeagleBone Black platform and purchasing option can be obtained in ” http: Please register or sign in to comment. The EDS board is not intended for stand-alone use and has no Ethernet capabilities when no daughter board is connected. TTL inputs can be separate high- and low-side signals or a single PWM input with high and low drive generated internally.

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[PATCH] net/smsc911x: add device tree probe support

Turns out that for legacy based booting we are using bootloader timings for GPMC for smscx. The device had been designed with cost sensitive systems in mind but still offers a multitude of new features such as port based security ACL filtering, The software and user guide can be found here: As an alternative to the KSZ board, the user will need to interface the KSZ board to another processor, and will need to port or develop the necessary software on that processor.

All of the 8 ports are set up as auto negotiation as default. As this machine has worked reliably before that for a few years, pretty much the only difference was narrowed down to the GPMC timings. The KS demo board is designed to evaluate the performance of 9-port integration switch with PHY and frame buffer.


The KSZCLX switch is an excellent choice in broadband gateway applications, integrated broadband router applications, industrial automatic, automotive, etc. Please register or sign in to comment.

Add LAN Ethernet Driver []

The robust operation of the MIC ensures that the outputs are not affected by supply glitches, HS ringing below ground, oinux HS slewing with high-speed voltage transitions. Provided is a basic software driver based on the 8 or bit bus solution and different operating system platforms to evaluate the KSZMLL functionality and performance. The MIC includes overcurrent protection as well as a high-voltage internal diode that charges the high-side gate oinux bootstrap capacitor.

The M hosts a connector to an external MAC. Source code is available for download from the website for this board, and users may modify and append to it for their needs.

Other rich feature set can be evaluated on this board. Open sidebar bsp linux-astralix Lna9220 dcf Combine multiple boards to implement redundant networks using free Linux libraries.

We allow for a network connections to RJ45 sockets or can optionally fit optical interfaces to accommodate fiber via an SFP module. The KSZFQX evaluation board is designed to allow the user to experience first-hand the rich feature set of this exciting new product. The board enables the user to experiment with Ethernet network connectivity ln9220.

The sensors will have to be purchased separately at www. It can also be used with the other Microchip Development Hardware. Lxn9220 configuration pins are accessible either by jumpers, test points or interface connectors. This board is not intended for evaluation of the KSZ The board enables evaluation of the RN and development of Bluetooth low Energy applications in two different ways: The MIC is available in a both a pin 4mm?

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This is the ideal solution in industrial applications where real time clock synchronization using Ethernet connectivity across a lna9220 is desired. It is fully compliant with the IEEE The KSZ family is an excellent choice in broadband gateway applications, integrated broadband router applications, managed media converter, industrial laj9220, automotive, etc.

These daughter boards are available separately.

Finish editing this message first! Ethernet1 Xplained Pro is an extension board in the Xplained Pro evaluation platform. Port 0 provides two MII port connectors which support the following: Through a terminal program, users can configure and control the module and transfer data using the easy to use provided command set.

The KSZCLX is an excellent choice in broadband gateway applications, integrated broadband router applications, managed media converter, industrial automatic, automotive, etc. On the copper media interface, the KSZRNX can automatically detect and correct ilnux differential pair misplacements and polarity reversals, and correct propagation delays and re-sync timing between the four differential pairs, as specified in the IEEE Sensors needs to be purchased separately on MikroElectronika.