Also if anyone needs drivers for Control4 and or Crestron they both can be found on the Houselogix Website. I use push notifications for example, but it can also be used with a sip client to talk through your phone and see the person at the door. CE Pro State of the Industry: I have to agree with ControlFourUserGuy. I helped the OP back in get his mobotix cameras integrated. I think there is setup documentation inside the driver?

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It has contacts and relays which can be used to tie into other devices. Hey Hunter, I’m a little late to this party, but am working on integrating a T25 with a Crestron system. Here are the drivers in case anyone needs them: AVS Forum articles Contests. And another Savant successful Mobotix T25 implementation. Hi all, I am new to AVS and decided to join and post to this forum as a recommendation from a customer who, like most of you would like an easy way to discuss and gain better information regarding our products and integrations into various Home Automation platforms like Savant, C4, Crestron, Elan g!

Doorstations are great but the new ones are fugley.


Julie majored in Economics at the University of Michigan, spent a year abroad at Cambridge University, earned an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin, and has never taken a journalism class in her life. I have seen the both brand of Cameras in action and I think Axis is better value for money. Who Are Your Target Customers?

Just program for the contact closure to set off and audio alert.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. I use them to proof construction materials from the other side of the globe. For integration, especially with the T3s, I’d recommend it.

Control4 submitted 2 years ago by matthewismathis. SIP calls to C4 and other SIP devices, custom doorbell audio through announcements, snapshots on doorbell press, text message notifications and much more. Well, it can jobotix out to your phone What doorbells are y’all using?

Control4 Finally Integrates Directly with Ring Video Doorbell … Sort Of

They are indeed great cameras. With Blackwire’s Ring Event Driver for Control4 home automation systems, integrators can program a smart-home system to respond to doorbell presses and motion detection at the door Cancel Add to wishlist.

I have to agree with ControlFourUserGuy. Image from Mobotix D camera covering an entire front yard. Camera and Device Firmware. That being said, it’s expensive and not easily configured.



It has lots of features and the camera is decent. C4 needs to start writing a few more drivers or form alliances with these companies. Welcome to the forums!

Black boxes and tangled wires do not add to the character of a high-end smart home project. Submit a new link.

Multiroom Audio Installations Special Report: I use push notifications for example, but it can also be used with a sip client to talk through your phone and see the person at the door. What else have y’all used?

Mobotix Drivers – Third Party Hardware – c4forums | The Control4 Community

Posted September 27, The new Ring Events Driver allows integrators to incorporate push-button and motion events into their Control4 configurations … but not video from the doorbell cam.

I would post the link but need qty 5 posts on AVS to share hyperlinks. Posted August 27,